WinAura Pro

Welcome to the most advanced system in aura imaging technology! WinAura Pro is a robust aura imaging suite, capable of performing a great many tasks for aura readers and energy workers,

including (but not limited to): showing the aura in a myriad of various views, analyze the effects that energy products have on a subject's aura using our powerful software, recording the aura so it can be shared with others (including YouTube!), and you can also print snapshots, postcards and even a highly-detailed, 18-page report about the subject and their aura! The possibilities are endless!

The WinAura Pro system comes with everything in the WinAura Light as well as the following features:

Aura Live View

Shows the aura moving with the subject's movements; as the examples below demonstrate, where ever the subject moves, their aura moves along with them!

Aura Live with Energy Session

Shows two people's auras moving separately. Perfect for energy sessions, where an energy worker is projecting energy to their subject.

Research View

Shows only basic colors; notice a smoother, simpler aura, versus the more detailed, energetic aura you see with Aura Live Image.

Active Aura

This helps expand the detail of the colors you see and makes auras vivid and bright; ideal for therapy aura sessions!

Record A Session

WinAura Pro also allows you to record your WinAura session onto a CD; perfect for any of your customers who would love to have a copy of their energy session to show their friends and family, as well as making it possible to upload those videos to video sharing sites like YouTube!

Photo Stable

This mode stabilizes the aura's colors in order to help you take a perfect picture of your aura.

High Sensitivity

Conversely, this mode allows you to see even the tiniest changes in your aura; perfect to show the effects that energy products have on the aura.

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