Aura Camera 6000 System

Aura Camera 6000 - Polaroid camera system allowing you to develop aura photos instantaneously! Perfect for shows and businesses! By far the most brilliant photos

and the most popular aura camera on the market! Often imitated, never duplicated! We are the only company that produces a printout with colors that match the photo.

How To Use The AuraCam 6000

The camera also comes with a complete video instruction guide on how to use the camera, as well as other informative videos about the camera and Aura Imaging as well.

WinAura Star 6000 System

A version of WinAura Star that is compatible with the Aura Camera 6000 system is also included, WinAuraStar 6000 is capable of printing an up-to 28-page aura analysis report.

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#4 MODULE pour auracam 6000Dourte Fabienne 2013-04-05 17:10
Bonjour,je souhaiterais commander un module de garantie 200 comptages pour l'auracam 6000. Quelles sont les démarches à suivre pour la commande et le paiement? Merci. Madame dourte Belgique
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#3 RE: Aura Camera 6000 System - $9,698Mieke 2013-03-11 13:40
How cann I deliver the winaura star 6000 systeem en what is the price in euro 's.
Already thanks for the answer.
Mieke Koller
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#2 RE: Aura Camera 6000 System - $9,698adam 2013-02-24 19:57
Hi Roya,
the price of the winaura system is as stating above $9,698, however, if you are a paradetect member card holder you will be entitled for a discount of 10%, we hope this answers your query...
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#1 aura cameraROYA 2013-02-23 10:22
i like to know more about aura camera 6000 price...
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