WinAura Light

Think of WinAura Light as the basic WinAura system, ideal for all beginning users who are interested in a straight-forward, on-screen analysis of their aura.

However, the "Light" of its name merely belies the sophistication and accuracy of WinAura Light, as it and all other Aura Imaging systems have been carefully and meticulously fine-tuned over the past thirty years by expert aura readers and other psychics, guaranteeing that what you see on screen is nothing less than what many of the best aura readers can see!

The WinAura Light system comes with everything in the WinAura Star system, as well as the following features:

Photo View

The quintessential WinAura view, optimized for taking aura photos, as well as for printing snapshots of your aura!


Aura Star View

Shows a full body aura both front and back, as well as graphs in twenty-nine different areas showing the many various changes of the aura.

Here is an example of some of the WinAura graphs in action!


Two Different Chakra views;

- Resonant View (left) Shows the different chakras as fixed colors.

- Active Color View (right) Shows the chakra colors changing around subject.

The $4,200 price of WinAura Light is for our Module Warranty Edition. The Module Warranty Edition comes with free upgrades of WinAura Light, as well as a limited, 2000-point dongle key. WinAura Light has a per-use fee which is recorded by the dongle key; when the key reachs 0 points left it will need to be replaced for a nominal fee. An Unlimited Edition of WinAura Light (as well WinAura Star), as which uses an unlimited-point dongle key, is also available for $6,200. There is no unlimited edition of WinAura Pro.

Payment Methods: Countries not admitted by PayPal system, may use the western union payment method.

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