Additional WinAura Add-Ons

There are also some optional features you can add onto your WinAura Light or WinAura Pro system!

Reiki Hand Sensor ($1,000)

This connects an energy worker to WinAura, thus allowing WinAura to show the auras of two people at the same time! This is ideal to show the effects of merging energies during an energy session. (Not compatible with WinAura Light- Star)

IRUV Software ($1,000)

Shows energy based on light intensity.

(Add $200 for IRUV stand-alone comes with list of what you need to use Ultraviolet and Inferred lamps.)



Halo Vision Software ($1,000)

Halo Vision captures fast-moving energy around the subject and/or energy worker; ideal for intense energy sessions. (Not compatible with WinAura Star.)



3D Auras Software ($1,000)

Shows the aura in 3D-stereoscopic vision, allowing you to see your aura pop out in front of you (with the use of 3D glasses and special monitor)! (Not compatible with WinAura Star. You will need a 3D stereo monitor to see the 3D stereo.)




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