Winaura Warrantee Key

WinAura: A High Profit Business Opportunity. You can gross nearly 10 times operating cost.

The Optional Warrantee Key included with WinAura costs $400 to replace. It comes with 2,000 counts for the WinAura program.

The Key uses:

-  One count on startup

-  One count per session of any length

-  Two counts per printout or snapshot.

-  Good for about 700 sessions with WinAura printouts of any length.


Warrantee Key provides unlimited repair and service plus free upgrades... if you use choose the Warrantee Key, all new upgrades and warrantees will be included for as long as you are using the system.

Unlimited Key: no cost per use. It is good with a $6,200 WinAura Light or WinAura Star, this includes one-year warrantee on parts and labor. WinAura Light sells for $4,200 with warrantee key and WinAura Star sells for $3,800 with warrantee key.

WinAura reports including the Aura Key supplement 36 pages Sell for $30.00

Your cost per printed report: $3.00

Ink and paper printed on a modern printer. To produce 36 pages, 18 pages for WinAura and 18 page Aura Key manual.

Using WinAura Warrantee Key $0.66

Operating cost about $3.66

Detailed cost analysis:

If you use WinAura printout Sells for $20.00 to $40.00

One time average startup cost of about.                 $0.02

Your cost will be for a session of any length             $0.20

Cost of 18 page WinAura printout                          $0.40

WinAura Warrantee cost about                              $0.62 with printout

Ink and paper printed will cost about                      $1.50

Total cost For the 18 page printout                  $2.12


36 page report including Aura Key Sells for $30.00 to $50.00

Total 36 pages for Ink, paper and printer main tenants printed cost $3.00

Warrantee Key with upgrades cost $0.62

Total cost about $3.62


Note: You can pre print the 18 page Aura Key "How to read your aura photograph" and add it to the 18 page WinAura report and put it in a plastic cover making a 36 page report Try using Avery FS 11 C50p plastic covers. Ideal for the 18 page report the FS Cover is a little small for 36 pages but you can squeeze the 36 page report in.

Because the limited Key uses one point every time it sees a new hand on the sensor it is advisable to use your wrist strap. Not only will the wrist strap increase accuracy it will save you Key points.

-  The key will use one point on startup,

-  One point for a new session of any length,

-  2 points for every photo, and

-  2 points for every report.

-  WinAura Star uses 3 points for the extra long report. So you get about 700 reports for every key.

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