Easy Astral Projection with Binaural Beats

There has been a lot of research into Binaural Beats and how they can make easy astral projection possible.

But a lot of people still don't really understand about Binaural Beats at all so let's take a brief look at exactly what they are and the benefits to using brainwave recordings.

Binaural beats were discovered in 1839 by physicist Heinrich Wilhelm Dove. Heinrich Wilhelm Dove was born on October 6 1803 in Liegnitz, Prussia. In 1839, Heinrich Wilhelm Dove discovered that when two different sounds of two different frequencies were sent to a person's ears, the two frequencies produced a whole other frequency, or "beat". Hence the term Binaural beats. Now how this relates to making easy astral projection possible is the application of these beats.

Scientists have since found that this alternative frequency heard inside the brain actually aids the brain at achieving a relaxed meditative state. This is what is of course of interest to astral projection practitioners as an aid to achieving this astral state much easier. Here's how it works.

Binaural beats are used to help stimulate creativity or to induce a deep state of meditation. These binaural beat recordings are specifically designed to help you focus better for mind easier. They are a truly a breakthough for those people who have attempted such meditative states as astral projection but haven't succeeded. It has been shown that with the aid of such a brain wave recording many people have been able to achieve an astral voyage on the very first attempt.

There's a lot of other benefits to using these recordings from helping to lower blood pressure to preventing depression. More can be learned about these by reading and understanding more about them. Tony Bolton is an avid paranormal enthusiast has written more about Binaural Beats and how they can make easy astral projection possible at http://www.squidoo.com/astral-projection-guide

By Tony Bolton

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