The Dangers of Binaural Beat Meditation

Thousands of individuals use Binaural Beats every day with no adverse reactions. After all they are non addictive and certainly not abusive in any way.

There is a small number of people that should never use these Beats. This article should be read very carefully and if you have any doubts you should then seek the opinion of a medical practitioner before using them.

People who suffer from any type of seizure should never attempt to use any type of Brainwave Entrainment technology. These work by emitting a constant pulse of sound, which causes electrical impulses in the brain, changing brainwaves. These may bring on seizures in people prone to this complaint.

It is not advisable to use this therapy on children due to them being more prone to seizures. Even children that have never had seizures before can sometimes be affected by the like of certain television programmes or computer games.

You should not operate machinery, drive or listen to any type of meditation, whilst carrying out any form of activity that requires your undivided attention. You never know exactly how deeply you will become relaxed whilst using meditation so it is always advisable to make sure you are in a comfortable environment with no other disturbances.

Many serious health problems have been helped by using Binaural Beats. However, this should only be undertaken with the co-operation of a qualified health professional. These beats have been know to assist with stimulant and illegal drug addiction. Also for the cure of headaches, arthritis, muscle pains and much more. Please note that people with a damaged heart of those with a pacemaker should only use brainwave entrainment after consulting with their health provider. These beats may cause a change in your hearts natural rhythm and as such could cause damage to an already delicate organ.

If the above information does not relate to you then there is no reason why you could not use Binaural Beats. They are a very effect form of meditation and as long as the above guidelines have been followed, there is no reason why you should not have a very pleasant experience using this form of brainwave entrainment..

Lisa Moore has been meditating for many years and has put her knowledge and experiences onto paper. As well as a book explaining Binaural Beats in a user friendly fashion, she has also included a book which details how to make your own Binaural Beats for free. With the added bonus of free Binaural Beat Downloads. You also have the opportunity to sign up for Lisa Moore's free e-course in Psychic Abilities.

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By Lisa C Moore

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