Relaxing Music

The right type of music to help you meditate and relax and even go into a short trance.

Have a look at our classical and meditational music and send us your feedback.

If you happen to have any suitable new sounds do not hesitate to submit it to the website



Relaxing Music

Colors of the wind - Pan Flute

Chakra Meditation - 3rd Eye Chakra

Daily Meditation

Debussy Prelude (Pan Flute) - Sasamoto

Deep Tibetan Meditation Music

Komoriuta- Japanese Koto & Shakuhachi

Meditation Clearing Negativity

Meditation Music - Japanese Garden


Peaceful Japanese Music

Zen Garden - Kokin Gumi

Say Anything (classical) - X Japan

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#1 terimah kasihmuh nur 2015-06-14 17:32
saya sangat berterimah kasih atas suguhan nya
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