Reflection - Ramadan Karim

What if! What if myth was ancient history and legends were tales of truth, a truth woven into traditions to protect it from total deletion due to ignorance of man or negligence of evolution.

What if modern science was Alchemy, knowledge was magic and wisdom was faith!

What if religion in general was the tool or the vehicle to transform us and transport us from a transit energy check point to more evolved ether like dimension in a parallel world!

What if we were a form of primitive energy in need of purification in recycling process with an end destination to unite with the prime energy our maker, maker of our universe and on a larger scale the multi verse that contains our universe?  

And prophecies; what about prophecies which may be a definite speed up process of cycling such energy, where would that lead humanity to?

Ramadan is the month of purification to the Muslim world and there is similar fasting period for Jews and Christians too.

Paradetect wishes all of our Muslim members a very happy month of Ramadan and may all of your dreams be fulfilled.


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