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Paradetect was invited to give a crash course demonstration in energy healing in the UAE...

The crash course will be intensive to ensure success in enabling the attendants who participate in the training to generate their own bio energy at the end period training.

We invite all of our local members to enroll for this very unique and rare occasion due to the intense nature of the course.

The majority of the participants will at one stage or another succeeds in producing their own bio energy and learns how to apply it on the needed designated area.

If you live in the UAE do not lose this opportunity and enroll immediately.

For further details send your request to as soon as possible.

Acceptance is limited and will be based upon first is served first.

The course will involve:

Breathing technique

Trance mind state

Bio energy generation

Audio /vocal healing factor.

Para healing technique

Certificates of attendance and completion of the course will be given upon request.

Good luck

Para Team

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