Nicotine Addiction Remedy

For those attempting to lower their nicotine intake paradetect has a special recipe

Egg plants and yoghurt and plenty of vitamins C are the best remedy for reducing your nicotine addiction.

If you are serious about giving up smoking or even reducing it here is the best proven remedy for you, and it is all natural.

Start with four days a week having lunch and dinner making sure that your meal contains eggplants and yoghurt; while in the morning make sure you take sufficient doze of Vitamin C.

This treat should last for one whole month, reduce your intake of this combination the second month making sure to retain a diet that includes this ingredient for two more months.

After three months you will notice that your addiction to nicotine is dramatically fading away and your smoking is drastically reduced.

There are many ways you can cook a very delicious mean out of eggplants and yoghurt and there is even one meal you may prepare using both ingredients together.

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