Is It Possible?

Botox without using the very poisonous Botulinum toxin!!! Can we really perform botox by energy healing?

Well, yes we can.

Paradetect gladly announce its launching of this new service due to the request and demand of our clients.

After receiving numerous requests and uncountable inquiries about the possibility of performing botox and face lifting by energy healing techniques paradetect  carried experimentations to develop a special technique using bio energy on several clients and we are glad to announce the satisfaction of all subjects who undertook botox and face lifting session using our specially developed techniques in energy healing we were successful in giving noticeable results in reducing and some cases eliminating the facial muscle spasm without using the very poisonous Botulinum toxin.

We are very excited with this new finding, such finding motivates us to encourage all of you to take our paradetect energy healing courses very seriously.

It is a pleasant break through to be able to perform such sessions without having to use any chemicals or surgeries.

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