Introducing Augmented Reality Auras!

But wait! What's "augmented reality"? Augmented reality (AR) is a new form of visual technology which allows a computer to keep track of your movements and actions

with only a camera. Remember "virtual reality" back in the 1990's? Well, augmented reality is a step ABOVE it; basically the computer can recognize objects in reality and place a "pretend" object over it (seen through a computer screen). For example, if you pretend that you have a coffee cup in your hand, the computer will recognize your hand and insert a "pretend" coffee cup in it, which can move and tilt along with your hand!

Augmented reality auras (ARauras™) is a version of augmented reality which will can be used to show your aura. We have a special--yet affordable--system that can recognize your entire body no matter where you are, how you stand, when you move and can superimpose your aura over it. You know how you can see someone's aura in real life? Well our ARauras system will replicate that capability so that everyone can see their aura as it would appear in real life. Pretty nifty, huh?

So why are "augmented reality auras" so important?The thing is, biofeedback visual and photographic technology has been around for over forty years. But in that time, all of the available aura-related biofeedback devices--including WinAura and the AuraCam 6000--can only track one or two people at a time, and they can only show a person's aura on a flat, 2D surface. Furthermore, most of these devices usually require the user to not move at all so that the device can accurately superimpose the user's aura over them; even WinAura, which allows for more motion than our competitors, still is limited in its ability to sense that motion.Now while this level of technology was acceptable back in the 20th century, it's beginning to become more and more archaic as we continue to move forward into the 21st century. If you think about it, aura readers and psychics can see people's aura as they walk, run, dance, move and groove... so why can't you?This is where this new "augmented reality auras"--or "ARauras"--system comes into play. As you could tell in the video, the user was not limited to a stationary position, sitting in front of their computer's webcam. Instead, they were about so stand, band, twist and turn, and their aura and chakras moved along with them. THIS is how an aura reader and psychic can see the world, and not only when you're sitting down with your face stuck in front of a computer screen!But the benefits of ARauras doesn't just end there. If you own a 3D monitor or 3DTV, the ARauras system will be able to superimpose a 3D version of your aura over the 3D video of you. In other words, you'll be able to see both you and your aura in 3D, just as it would appear in real life! You can't get a more authentic experience outside of reality itself, and it's ONLY available with our ARaura system. Imagine actually seeing yourself as you radiate energy to someone else, versus just feeling it. Imagine two people and their auras, shown in 3D, as they slowly merge together into one single color, merely confirming that which you can already feel.

There is so much more that can be done with biofeedback photographic technology that what already exists; ARauras merely represents the first step in this evolution. So think about all the things that something like ARauras can do for you! It'll merely free you to do the kind of aura healings and projects you could only dream of doing with the other stationary aura products. Perhaps you want to show the aura healing power of a simple hug? Or suppose you finally want to show off your dance routine and your theory on how it can greatly affect your aura colors? Before ARauras, this simply was not a possibility... but now, that's a different story.

If you're interested in learning more about the ARaura system, or if you have any other comments or feedback, feel free to contact us at We look forward to hearing from you, and we appreciate your interest in this new product!

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