Aura Colors and Their Meaning

Because we humans are highly visual, the colors we see can have a profound impact on our moods.

Observed colors can stimulate our energy, make us wildly happy or just plain content.

Keep in mind that the interpretations listed here are for general reference. Each individual has unique blendings and vibrations of color. And, you will find that your aura can change colors. Often, there is a baseline set of colors that you have most of the time. You can change that temporarily or even permanently if you experi­ence a major shift in your life. You can learn how to change the energy in your aura through meditation and other spiritual practices.

Red: Force of will; passion; vitality; desire; excitability; intensity of experience; physical activity; stress; sometimes anger.

Red is an active, fiery, physical energetic color. People with red in their auras are ready to take on the world. They will not hesitate to fight for their beliefs and their freedom. Force of will and passion are key here. A lot of red in the aura indicates a person who loves to push the limits and live life in the fast lane. Dark or muddy red may also indicate unresolved anger or stress. If a lot of deep or bright red is seen in the aura over time, it could mean that the person is probably on overdrive and may be out-of-balance. This person might need to slow down a little, or his body may do it for him through setbacks in life.

Orange: Creative; artistic; fullness of experience; urge to achieve and succeed; expressive; playful; sensual.

Orange is a creative and artistic color. It represents creative energy with some mental direction and focus. Orange is stimulating, vital, fun, and playful. People with a lot of orange will be creative communicators-you might find them as artists, writers. or sales people! Orange shows an ability to communicate with feeling and a sense of fun. Orange can indicate a great sense of humor as well!

Yellow: Sunny; exhilarating; flexible; expectant; original: intelligent with mental clarity; competitiveness.

Yellow is active and spontaneous. It is the color of mental activity and intelligence at work. Yellow is the color of joy and enthusiasm as well. A good deal of yellow in the aura can indicate a mental profession-a businessperson, lawyer or accountant, for example. Students often show a lot of yellow in their aura when they are studying for final exams! Yellow can also mean looking forward to the future with excitement and joy.

Green: Growth; teaching; endurance; balance; perseverance; self esteem; self love; empathy.

Green has been called a color of growth and rebirth. Since growth is often a matter of bringing energy into balance, green is often seen in an energy worker's aura. Green can also indicate a natural born teacher. A lot of green in the aura often indicates that a person is processing a big change in his or her life. Many psychics call it a "growth period," or a time when things change and settle out. In a growth period, you take a step in personal evolution. The balance that green brings helps to ease such times of personal turmoil: it means that you may be on the road to something wonderful!

Blue: Communication, unity, depth of feeling; peace; spiritual love; grace.

The cooling, clearing effects of blue are quite soothing to body, mind, and soul. It is an excellent color for meditation and intuitive activities. Blue can help you see things from a more neutral perspective. A predominance of blue in the aura indicates intuition, deep reflection, and spiritual growth. It also shows a person who is looking for the truth and his or her own inner centeredness and/or spiritual path.

Indigo: Universal nature; awareness of the truth; clairvoyance; unlimited knowledge; deeply intellectual or spiritual.

Indigo is a deep blue, almost in the purple range. It is the color of inner vision, of clairvoyance, and spiritual work. Indigo stimulates awareness on many levels, from the physical senses to intuition and psychic abilities. Indigo blue can help stimulate a conscious connection with universal consciousness and the Akashic Records (a cosmic library).

Violet: Mystical; enchantment; charm; deep spiritual understanding; magic.

Violet is a mixture of blue, a color which symbolizes unlimited knowledge, and red, which represents activity and power. People with an abundance of violet in their auras are magical, sometimes mystical, and have a deep capacity to turn inward. Violet in the aura means a person who can create entire worlds in his or her imagination. A writer of fantasy novels might have violet energy in his/her aura. Violet also indicates the ability to create a magical, beautiful home. It suggests strong insight and psychic ability, and the ability to become a charismatic spiritual leader.

White: Spiritually motivated; spiritual channel; expansive; prayer; out-of-body travel; unity.

White has long been considered a color of deep spirituality and enlightenment. It represents all of the colors. People with a great deal of white in their auras are often bored by the mundane details of life and may seem eccentric or whimsi­cal to those with more physical colors. White can show a strong spiritual ability, particularly as a channel for spirit guides, and as a spiritual leader. It can also indicate a chameleon like personality. Actors often have this color in their auras, and it shows their ability to "channel" a different character for every role they play.

Gold: Forgiveness; joy; abundance; freedom; goodwill.

Gold is the color of forgiveness. It contains much joy and abundance, because in forgiveness there is no scarcity. People with gold in their auras inspire others with their optimism, goodwill, and generous nature. Gold is not a color for holding grudges: it is rather for moving on through life freely and enjoying what is given. Gold indicates a spontaneous, childlike innocence and a desire to share with others. Its creative and fun-loving nature opens up many possibilities. Gold is also an excellent color for protection and self-protection.

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