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Our four years long journey has just begun, our emphasis on spirituality and cultural science concept is ever increasing in demand as people increase their awareness of the rising need to return to the basics of what humanity stood for, if we do not learn how to preserve the wellbeing of our planet there will be no planet for us to dwell on.

Our concept of science and spirituality is based upon our recognition that science alone can become a fatal weapon of destruction, a destruction of our environment and humanity.

There are many ways to destroy our habitat, weapons of mass destruction is but one of such means, pollution and deforestation in addition to our over consumption is killing our humanity and stifling our global economy but above all it is over burdening our planet and the natural wealth that we inherited from previous generations.

Our concept is no longer a privilege; it has become a must and a necessity we must foster if we are to sustain life on this planet.

Unless we plan to live on Mars in the near future we need to take this call more seriously and consider doing something towards achieving this divine call.

Join paradetect now and indulge in our relentless endeavor in pursuit of cutting edge knowledge and enlightening wisdom.

Share with us your opinion, send us your thoughts and let us join hands in building the foundation stone of this perpetual dream, a dream promoted by all of our humane forefathers of countless prophets, scholars and ancient philosophers…

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Remember; Paradetect is more than a way of life, Paradetect is an attitude…

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