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At the beginning it was not clear where our Energy Healing service will lead us to, there were several requests and some additional inquiries about this service with no idea to us where it would lead to or the impact it would leave upon our activities

and the lives of others who multiplied in numbers across the world as we expanded and stretched our reach.

Paradetect began a very modest experimentation in energy healing among some friends and members at one of our outlets in the Lebanon, within few months backed up by astonishing results rumors started spreading and demand mounted from outside our circle requesting to try the energy healing service.

It was still unclear to us where this experimentation may lead to, but we decided to give more attention to the service and work on developing our own technique derived from our own filed finding and personal experience while working on case by case basis.

At first we started experimenting on not so serious health problems such as aches, stiffness and migraine headaches then we began developing our own techniques to help us tackle these cases and simplify our finding to the subjects and clients who kindly volunteered to participate in our research.

A research it has become, indeed, what started as a modest experiment became an intensive and rather costly research, within a year paradetect started tackling all sorts of health ailments from severe depressions to various types of scleroses even temporary paralysis which we even failed to identify its medical definition or medical term.

After all, we never pretend to be medical doctors or even a substitute to medical solutions…

At paradetect we strive to explain to our clients that our Energy Healing service is still in its research phase and experimentation and our permanent advice is always to seek qualified medical consultancies before coming to us, we will be willing to experiment on cases which is abandoned by medical staff for some reason and when the client is simply fad up with being involved with an uncertain treatment after usually long years of painful and exhausting trials added to personal costly ordeals.

Our Energy Healing service is still in its developing phase and under our own scrutiny and we will keep researching and archiving our findings which most of the times is very difficult to make public due to the unwillingness of most of treated subjects to share the results publicly and we are obliged to keep within the confidentiality boundaries which dictates all of our activities.

Our Energy Healing Technique is getting more efficient and we were successful in drawing the attention of several medical Doctors to further inquire about it and some attended our Energy Healing sessions to observe and witness the effect and impact of our technique on specific clients sometimes brought to us by medical doctors and audience.

It is an encouraging outcome which keeps our interest fueled up and the results of our ongoing experimentation will keep our research alive for as long as there is no harm done to any of our clients since we do not involve in any medicinal prescriptions or diagnostics.

We invite you all to participate in our Energy Healing activities and share with us the benefits of this newly developed technique.

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