Zamora Personality Test

Zamora Personality Test is a personality test with two testing modes. The first test will study us as individuals, and the second one is aimed to test our characteristics in relation to the other people.

Both tests display many statements (163 and 171 in total, respectively) with three possible answers for us to decide if we strongly agree with the shown statement, moderately agree, or disagree. It is possible to stop and save the test progress at any time, and open it later. After we finish, we can view/print the results.

The individual test informs us about our achievement attitude, maturity, emotional temperament, energy level, philosophical/physical/material/intellectual/risk/task performance attitudes. The social test tells us about our egocentricity, dependability, fairness, emotional expressions, leadership, control attitude, physical appearance, team attitude, and how we face the social rules. In conclusion we will know if we are a social person, or we are better left alone.

There is a comprehensive guide that explains the characteristics of each attribute. This program is distributed free of charge with no adware of any kind.

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