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At Paradetect we strive to improve our energy healing technique driven by our conviction and commitment to prove to ourselves and others that by merging spirituality and science there can be only one outcome, improvement, and self improvement for one cause and that cause would only be to serve humanity and usher it to a new dawn a dawn of inner peace and prosperity…

This year we got busy exploring many possibilities related to new energy healing techniques we were developing for the last ten years, the results were beyond our expectations and the client satisfaction was overwhelming, this outcome drove us to pay more attention to the energy and alternative healing methodology and we are very encouraged to continue in developing our technique even further and spread our methods throughout the region we operate within.

Our method is currently applied in Lebanon, United Arab Emirates and recently became available in Saudi Arabia.

What makes our method successful is that we do treat and heal the cases we tackle and the clients do notice the difference from the first or second session and they do feel the improvement as we progress further in our healing process.

Cases we successfully healed by using Paradetect energy healing technique:

- Semi paralyses

- facial cleansing

- face lifting

- Botox

- Chronic muscle pain

- Infertility

- Cellulites

- Scoliosis

- Weight loss

- Migraine

- Depression

- Speech difficulty

Our method involves Energy application, light Massage if and when needed, Aromatherapy, Meditational music (Audio Visual Factor) and Essential oils in addition to appropriate supplements.

Our success is truly remarkable, we still hold total success with no failure and we hope to retain this record.

Our method is harmless and we do consult with Medical doctors prior to tacking most of our cases, we always include medical doctors in our team and we recommend to all of our clients to consult with professional medical practitioners prior to their participation in our course of treatment and program.

Last but not least, several medical practitioners asked to learn our technique after attending some of our sessions due to the remarkable results they were able to witness at first hand.

Paradetect invites professional medical practitioners to participate in improving our method, and we invite clients to try our technique and help us in our research.

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