I Once Asked Adam, What is Paradetect!!!

Once while I was setting with Adam, I asked him: “what is Paradetect”?

He said:

Paradetect is a concept. A concept that merges between the new and the old. A concept that merges between spirituality and contemporary life.

Paradetect is a way of life, it is not a company.

Paradetect is a new vision. It’s a new vision for a new humanity. A humanity that is low concerned of our human causes and the well being of our planet, and the well being of our souls.

Paradetect is peace, but above all, it is peace within. We help people reach that peace within. We help people achieve that peace all around them, that is our verdict, that is our sword.

We are introducing, a new concept, which we propose to make it the matrix of a new community, the Paradetect community.

We do not aim to fixate on a commercial side of a business website.

We seek more than that; we seek to form a new foundation, a new social foundation for healthier community. A community that resists from within itself, discrimination, extremism, fanatism and terrorism…

We are a community that intermingles cohesively, that interacts positively, not only with other humans, but with all beings whether animals or plants…

Paradetect is the shield of the heart, the sword for knowledge and a vessel for research.

And since we are merging, within our concept, spirituality and the contemporary life of today, that means we have a commercial side. We have the commercial side not for the sake of building up commerce, but for the sake of serving the social structure of Paradetect, serving the needs of every single Paradetect member. We do our trade and commerce, and we do it in a different way, we do it in applying the paradetect concept, by merging spirituality with contemporary life, and that is not a paradox.

We want to stimulate the awareness of the others, and by applying our concept, we hope to reach the zenith of ultimate reality of the human being that he lives, takes and gives from this generous and kind planet.

Paradetect is a human, I am the human Paradetect, and I am not a dream anymore.

Yes, we are no longer a dream. We are there to stay and we are for real and our humanity is going to prevail.

We lived it, we have made it, we have built it…

Now it’s time for us to share it with others. Now we have made something beautiful to show it to others and share it.

For what is a beautiful painting without an admirer!!!

For what is love without the beholder!!!

Dana Arnaout

Our valuable member Dana Arnaout has been with us since Sat,06 June 2009.


#1 Adam El Masri 2011-01-06 02:22
paradetect is preparing for an E-seminar in 2011, so for all of you out there, keep a watch on the related announcement to come and make sure to get ready to join in this e gathering event to introduce as many as of our members to the community and its activities and services.
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