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Paradetect is an attitide and a way of life merging spirituality with science.

Our Services


Paranormal Consultancy

Paradetect Team has extensive experience in the never-ending quest for paranormal answers...

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Energy Weight Loss

Once again Paradetect exceeded expectation in a new experiment on weight loss cases. We gladly share with our members...

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Spiritual & Social Consultancy

As we journey throughout life we accumulate negative energies, influences or experiences...

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Free Consultancy

If you are a member with Paradetect you are entitled for free consultancy to help you invest or set up a business in...

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Cases We Healed in Energy Healing

At Paradetect we strive to improve our energy healing technique driven by our conviction...

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Face Lifting & Facial Cleansing

A new Paradetect services is performed successfully at our new Centers "Face Lifting, Facial Cleansing and Botox" without...

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Our Courses

Ascent Course - Energy Therapy

A convenient flexible modular system of energy healing training. The program consists of fourteen days modules as a crash course, in addition to optional healing events and classes covering various subjects of healing.

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Weight Loss Course

Coaching how to apply Para Energy Technique to the body to help reducing stomach size, stimulating the fat burning process, detoxing and unblocking drainage channels to regain natural balance, improving of metabolism and perspiration.

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Face Lifting Course

A crash course in Face Lifting and Cleansing using Para Energy Technique in which you will learn facial care using XWrinkle Auraiel Oils to rid you of facial wrinkles and help you maintain a clean and healthy skin.

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Adam El Masri on DM TV Interview with Samia Mousa on DM TV Adam's Aura Session during meditation Henri, one of our powerful associated... May, one of our associated mediums during her aura session. Hunted House: Investigating Poltergeist - Part One Henri's experience with Jinns (17/43) Snapshots with slow motion video of Henri with Jinn Ballet De L'amour Assassine - The Maestro

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The primary purpose of Paradetect is to provide access (by means of training and consultation) to individuals and motivate them to improve their personal and professional performance, adapt with their work environment and self improve their life style.

We offer a unique opportunity to develop and build upon personal skills and experience with hands-on client consulting, research, analysis, and fact finding in personal and work environment. The primary role of the Associate is to manage, coup and self improve daily life demands and pressures that generates from it.

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