Clinton vs. Trump

Listening to Donald Trump on CNN calling Hilary Clinton a liar and a crook is rather disturbing. This is the first time ever where a US. Presidential presumptive candidate adopts such cheap language

to lash at another very respectable former first lady of the nation that reaches as far as Mars it is even more embarrassing to hear Mr. Trump say “ I would love to punch him in the face” what is this language!

If Mr. Tramp ever becomes the president of the greatest nation on earth God help us all.

On another occasion Mr. Trump said; Hilary Clinton is weak President Obama is weak and he is strong, Trump clearly thinks if he throws his insulting accusations here and there and everywhere makes look strong, I do not dare to even imagine how Trump will communicate with other world leaders if they disagree with him on any international topic especially if one of them happens to be woman.

Trump simply does not have the quality and attributes of becoming a president and my honest advice to republican to choose someone else to represent them as a candidate since Trump will hopefully never become  the next resident of the white house, Gosh, this is solid terror and horror if it ever happens…

Beware republican for what you choose next may very well be the end of the United States of America the way we know it…

Our valuable member Adam El Masri has been with us since Sat,06 June 2009.

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